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Standard Collective is a clothing boutique and art gallery located in the Eau Gallie Arts District ~ Melbourne, Florida. Fashion, Art, Board Sports and Music are the four elements that form Standard Collective. 

We proudly support our friends by showcasing their art, jewelry and clothing. Hoping to  inspire others to follow their dreams and get an appreciation for the arts in our community. 
We love supporting Florida clothing brands, such as TWLOHA, Whisky & Water and Vision Quest, Leather Goods by Makr and A.E. Soland as well as jewelry by Alana Robey, Bonsai Glasswork, and A.E. Soland.   
Art is a huge part of what we are about and with so many talented artists in Brevard County, artists such as Derek Gores,Noah Cook, Ryan Speer, Jeff Filipski, Tim Shubert, Dave Thomas, Nathan Adams and many more are featured in our gallery.
My love of music has a huge influence on what I do and who I am, I believe that music is a driving factor in everybody's life whether they know it or not. We listen to music to cheer us up, to create a mood, to get motivated, to dance, etc. Different styles of music and bands also dictate fashion trends or can even define an era, so it was important for me to have music playing in Standard Collective that creates good energy and makes for a great shopping experience. We also have live music in the store from time to time and try to be part of live shows in our community on a regular basis.
The ocean and beach culture has had the biggest impact and influence on my life. My love for surfing and skateboarding as a youngster was instrumental in who I've become, it is what has led me to open Standard Collective. The friends that I have made over the years still inspire me to this day and I wouldn't be here without them.
All of these elements, influences and humans are the Standard Collective! 
Love is the Standard, 
A.E. Soland